Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 in Progress

I like to switch between pieces -- these are the 3 current dishcloths I am working on.


Cindy S said...

Hi, Aunt Jackie! I followed this link from your re:Walter reply to Lisa. These dishcloths are so cool! I especially love the heart ones. I know it is sacreligious to ask, but what do you DO with all of them? Please know I do appreciate the value of the eye candy and the joy of making something small, the way the fibers feel, the colors, etc. (I still have to go to the bathroom soon after I enter a fabric store because I get so excited!) But just from a practical standpoint.... I'm on my way to check out the yahoo group:).

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Hi Cin, well, first of all, I do them just because I like the small quicker things these days. Over the holidays many were given as hostess gifts -- then some to a few special online friends -- there's Steph and Amy who will be receiving --AND, I might even get enough made for my special nieces -- :-) -- are we all getting together at Lisa's in May????? Walter will want to meet the whole family LOL. Stay warm .
Luv, AJ